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Payment processing is managed by Worldpay's payment gateway.

When you are satisfied with your selection of items and quantities in your shopping basket you can proceed to checkout.
You will be guided through the checkout stages to select or enter the required information for delivery of the goods.

Stage 1 Delivery Details -  Select or enter the delivery address
Stage 2 Delivery Method -Currently the selection is restricted to a single courier company
Stage 3 Payment Information - Select the type of credit or debit card to be used
Stage 4 Order overview - Provides you with a summary of your order and affords you he opportunity to make revisions by editing your basket or selecting back to revise the options selected.

There may be additional charges dependant upon the value of your order,delivery method or payment type selected.

Additional charges will be shown adjacent to the charge description at each stage of the checkout process.

Charges will be added to your order, shown in your order review and your basket total will be recalculated.

You will be asked to confirm that you have read our terms and conditions and to select PAY

Once you have confirmed you fully understand our Terms and Conditions and have selected PAY you will be redirected to the Worlpay's secure server to enter the payment details.
The transaction is forwarded to the card issuer for authentication. The issuer returns an authorised or declined response to Worldpay and a payment response page is then dispalyed.
You are then redirected back to the SISK Healthcare t/a Cardiac Services website.

Please note that SISK Healthcare t/a Cardiac Services do not collect or record credit or debit card information.